Dr. Beneski's focus on full-body wellness earns him 5 stars on Google, and his convenient Financial District location makes his office a go-to spot for lunch hour relaxation.  The "Personal Health Improvement Program" provides unparalleled personal attention to improve the feel and function of your entire body, nutrition is an integral part of this program  Beneski Chiropractic and Wellness Center is the the perfect package of nutrition, chiropractic and body work for people looking to get to the root of the problem, fix it and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle for years to come.

At the New Year people are always looking to add weight loss to their new years goal.  We understand it is hard to know what is going to work for you. We know it is frustrating when you see someone who just loses the weight and you are struggling with all your best effort? 

You can find out why YOU are not losing the weight in spite of a better diet and exercise.  By using Nutrition Response Testing Dr. Beneski can help you identify why a good diet and exercise are not enough for you and is not getting the job done.  There are many reasons fat burning is blocked in the body, a tired thyroid, sluggish adrenal's, incomplete digestion, poor sugar handling, stress, food sensitivity or allergy.  Zero in on why you body doesn't burn fat the way is should. 

Unfortunately we have eaten our way into most of our health problems and this has left organs and organ systems sluggish. It's created a situation of toxicity and non-optimal function.

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No…Really...another weight-loss program?

Well... Has your favorite diet stopped working? Did you lose some weight and then stop or plateau? Did you feel healthier after you lost the weight? Did your energy and sex drive come back? How about aches and pains, did they go away? Were you able to maintain the weight-loss over time and did you maintain your new found health?  Was your weight loss healthy or did you use appetite suppressing herbs?

The truth is most everyone who takes in less calories daily will lose weight, initially. So what do you do when your favorite diet program stops working?  

Are you still looking for answer to the great mystery of a healthy weight?  Are you looking for the best weight loss program ever?

Our approach to weight loss is not specifically to lose weight! It is a Personalized Health Improvement Program. We use a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. The "what's keeping the weight on factor".

Through Nutrition Response Testing and your personalized health improvement program your body starts returning to a state of balance including restoring its power to heal. As a result a patient's first experience can be weight-loss. This is because of the release of accumulated toxic waste products trapped within your body's individual cells and in the fat. Weight in the form of fat falls off because of dietary modifications and metabolic changes associated with a better balanced body. Overall, a strategy of balancing your body using NRT can not only get you healthy but help you stay healthy.


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